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Nathaniel Krause was born and raised outside the nation’s capital in the ham shaped state of Virginia; which is fortunate given his love of all things pork. The son of a Japanese-German father (Okinawan to be specific) and an Italian-mixed European mother, he defied his Axis-power roots and spent most of his youth taking ballet lessons alongside his sister Louisa as his parents didn’t want to travel in two directions for extracurricular activities. With a decade of daily dance lessons under his belt, Krause learned the art of visual storytelling early but ultimately changed life directions when a career as a professional danseur -- or male ballerina -- became immanent.

Heading off into the big world, Krause used his time at college to extensively explore career options. Attending Carnegie Mellon University, he earned undergraduate degrees in architecture, opera, film, and arts management resulting in multiple bouts with pneumonia as a result of the heavy course load. Nonetheless, it wasn't until visiting his sister on a film set (who had left her own dance career to pursue acting), that he discovered a way to finally focus his interdisciplinary interests. With a new and inspired desire to pursue the art of collaborative storytelling, Krause figured he might as well continue his education for another few years as he was already used to the crippling load of modern academia.

At the culmination of twenty-three consecutive years of education, Krause earned an MFA from the University of Southern California’s prestigious School of Cinematic Arts with concentrations in writing, directing and cinematography. While in attendance he was the recipient of both the Edward Thomas Troutner Award for directing and the Dana and Albert R. Broccoli Award for excellence in cinematography. Finally able to combine his varied background in everything from ballet and opera to building design and performance, Krause’s film work focuses on driving emotionally compelling narratives with a strong sense of visual language.

Currently Krause’s narrative work in directing, cinematography and editing can be seen on both big and small screens across the world and has earned him grants from both the Pittsburgh Filmmaker’s Institute and the Eastman Kodak Company.  Titles include films such as Can You Keep a Secret? (editor, Vertical Entertainment), Double or Nothing (director, Tribeca Film Festival, BAFF best short), What to Bring to America (cinematographer, Austin Film Festival), Refuge (cinematographer, Boston LGBT Film Fest), Left at the Altar (cinematographer and director, CFC Nexus Winner) and the upcoming film Solum (director and editor). In addition to his narrative portfolio, Krause's editorial work in the documentary and unscripted categories can be seen on Netflix, Hulu, National Geographic, CNNAMC, FYI, OWN, ESPN, Bravo and Discovery.  This work has contributed to series Emmy nominations and has additionally been submitted for individual recognition in editing from the American Cinema Editors (ACE Awards) and Academy of Television Arts and Science (Emmy Awards)

Overall Krause believes life is one big classroom where he continues to strive to fully develop the personal stories of life’s unique and varied characters. 



RED Gemini 5K Brain

RED DSMC2 s35 AL Cannon Mount

RED IO Expander

RED Standard OLPF

RED Skin Tone Highlight OLPF

RED 4.7" Touch Screen

RED DSMC2 Side Handle

RED 480GB High Speed Mini Mag (x3)

RED Mini Mag Station

Hypercore V-Mount RED Batteries (x6) 

Hypercore Dual Charger

Camera Accessories

Tilta 4x5.65 MB-T04 Matte Box

Tilta FF-T05-v2 Follow Focus Kit

IKAN PDmovie Remote Air 4 Wireless FF

SmallHD 702 Bright: Black Kit

Wooden Camera Nato Magic Arm

Wooden Camera DSMC2 baseplate

Wooden Camera DSMC2 Top Plate

Wooden Camera DSMC2 Nato Rails x2

Wooden Camera DSMC2 Bridge Plate

Wooden Camera Dovetail

19mm aluminum rods (12")

19mm steel rods (24")

15mm aluminum rod (6")

Lenses and Filtration

Sigma 12-24 Art Series F4

Sigma 18-35 Cine Zoom T2

Sigma 50mm Cine Prime T1.5

Sigma 85mm Cine Prime T1.5

SLR Magic Anamorphot-65 Adapter

Tiffen 82mm VND

NiSi Linear Pola

NiSi IRND set (x3)

Haida Rear Lens ND set for Sigma 14-24


Camera Support

Sachtler FSB 10 Fluid Head and Tripod

Sirui P-424R Monopod

Manfrotto 608 Nitrotech Fluid Head

Dana Dolly + Portable Pipe

32" Axler Slider

Steadicam Aero 30 Kit

Grip and Lighting

Kino Flo 4Bank Select 4' kit (daylight tubes)

Kino Flo 4Bank Select 4' kit (tungsten tubes)

Hive 100c 3-light kit

Intellytech Light Cannon f435 Bi-Color

Matthews C-stands w/ Turtle Base (x5)

Matthellini clamps (x4)

Matthews 2'x3' RoadRags Kit

Baby Pins and Stand Extensions (x2)

50' Stinger (x4)

15 lbs Sandbags (x6)

Misc Production

Passport Colorchecker Video

Zoom H6

Zoom Omni pod

Zoom Stereo pod

Zoom Shotgun pod

Post Production

Custom built water-cooled PC

Color calibrated 65” UHD OLED display

7.2.4 channel pre/pro with amps (calibrated)

7 x Monitor Audio Gold series speakers

2 x Hsi Research 10” subwoofers

Avid Artist Mix board

Blackmagic Resolve Mini Panel

Avid Media Composer

Pro Tools Ultimate

DaVinci Resolve Studio

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